Village Farm e-bikes


Awesome Riders……

As the new year roles in I am casting my memory back to last years riders…. These are some of the stories I remember:

First there was the family who sailed into Salcombe Harbour on their yacht and came to rent 4 e bikes. They took the bikes on the Salcombe ferry and cycled to Bantham for a surfing lesson. What a cool thing to do

Then there was the keen cyclist who came on his racing bike and who’s partner arrived a little later by car and in a dress. They both headed off to Start Point and had the most fantastic time. The e bikes meant that they could both enjoy cycling on a level playing field. They both absolutely loved it! Nice work guys!

Also there was the extended family of 10 who took all the bikes and headed off in all directions (East Prawle, Stokenham, Torcross, Beeson, Hallsands and who knows where else). What a wonderful way to have a family get together.

There was also the gentleman who arrived explaining he had swapped his car for an e bike at home and one of the perks was all the lovely people he now got to chat to when he was out and about! He couldn’t do that in a car, he explained.

Another group headed to Prawle for some lunch, some went down to the Britannia Fish at Beesands. Others went all the way to Dartmouth

Some riders from Gara Rock rented bikes so they could get up the hill from Port Waterhouse with ease.

Some guests had not ridden bikes for a while and loved it. Every rider comes back happy and energised. It is a real pleasure to see. Hopefully I will meet many more wonderful people visiting the area this year and I can share my local knowledge and enthusiasm with them too!

The way to travel to the beach……

A winter surf trip

This was a few weeks ago when I headed to the beach for a surf with a friend. He is new to surfing (brave man to start in winter…) so I brought an old board with me for him to use. Obviously my set up is not perfect but it works. Heading to the beach like this is relaxed, fun, fossil fuel free and I don’t snack up the lanes.

I know this kind of transport won’t work for every one but more people should try it. Bantham Beach car park would look totally different were more people to try this kind of set up. You don’t even need an e-bike if you are fit. My trailer cost me £40 second hand.

Surfing to me is a wild and elemental sport and I like to be as soft touch as possible when I go. I love the fact that I can travel to the beach this way. I arrive warmed up and ready to get in. There are all sorts of trailers out there or you can make your own. Why not give it a go!

The other side…

Is there anything on the other side of the estuary from Salcobmbe? Or beyond the wonderful beaches of the Salcombe estuary (most of the best ones actually belong to East Portlemouth) is it just a wild place of mythical bears and their hunters?  The answer to this is yes, there is so much to discover once you brave the hill and strike out East.  Once out of sight of Salcombe the South Hams does not just disappear into some kind of green and brown no-mans-land.  On the East Portlemouth side of the estuary you are entering the Southernmost area of Devon.  East Prawle is Devon’s  Southernmost village.  It is rural over here and it is quiet – just how we like it.  The South West Coastal path between Mill Bay and Start point has to be one of the most beautiful and spectacular sections of the whole thing (quite a feat).

This peninsula is made up of gorgeous lanes, spectacular hidden beaches, wonderful pubs, leafy tracks and spectacular views. If you are staying in Salcombe or Kingsbridge come explore. Ideally by bike or on foot.
As time progresses I hope to update this blog with in detail local knowledge and history as well as ideas on what to do and where to eat and drink in our special little part of the South Hams.  Watch this space.