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The way to travel to the beach……

A winter surf trip

This was a few weeks ago when I headed to the beach for a surf with a friend. He is new to surfing (brave man to start in winter…) so I brought an old board with me for him to use. Obviously my set up is not perfect but it works. Heading to the beach like this is relaxed, fun, fossil fuel free and I don’t snack up the lanes.

I know this kind of transport won’t work for every one but more people should try it. Bantham Beach car park would look totally different were more people to try this kind of set up. You don’t even need an e-bike if you are fit. My trailer cost me £40 second hand.

Surfing to me is a wild and elemental sport and I like to be as soft touch as possible when I go. I love the fact that I can travel to the beach this way. I arrive warmed up and ready to get in. There are all sorts of trailers out there or you can make your own. Why not give it a go!



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