Village Farm e-bikes

About us


Bearlanders’ is the colloquial name once used by people from Salcombe when referring to the people from East Portlemouth. This names was based on a myth that the last wild bear in the country was killed in East Portlemouth, hence the name ‘Bearland…’.

People in East Portlemouth like to refer to their side of the Estuary the ‘Brightside’ as we get the Sunsets which cannot be seen from Salcombe.

Why Bearland Bike Rentals?

Bearland Bike Rentals has come about as result of three factors:



Firstly, my belief that those of who drive use our cars far too much. The environmental impact of the production of cars and the resulting fossil fuel usage is huge. Some of the best facts around this can be found in Mike Berners-Lee’s book ‘How bad are bananas’. People come to this area for the natural beauty and peace, so let’s not all trash it with our cars. Bicycles and e-bikes (in my opinion) are still the only realistic personal transport alternative to cars. I am hoping Bearland Bikes can help more people consider switching from four wheels to two on a daily basis.



Secondly, I grew up in East Portlemouth and know this peninsula pretty well. I know the local routes, history and nature well. This peninsula is best explored on two wheels or 2 feet. Both are great ways to travel.



Thirdly, I have a young family in Portlemouth and hope to get them involved in learning about bikes and the love of slow travel.